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Gourav Goyal
Entrepreneur | Tech | UX

Namaste, My name is Gourav Goyal. I've got a knack for great UI/UX and I am fundamentally strong on the technical side. I've years of experience in building dynamic web projects, mobile apps, and desktop software. I’ve worked on many domains including Augmented Reality, CRM, Marketing Automation, IoT, AI, NLU, NLP, and Machine Learning. I love to build new products, create great user experiences and contribute to the open source software community.


I collaborate with users and peers to nurture and transform ideas into well thought out design specs. After all, that's where the majority of amazing user experiences start.


I sketch and wireframe interfaces focusing on content structure, intuitive UI patterns, and simple interactions. I'm a minimalist who truly believes that less is more.


Having industrial experience of various programming languages and frameworks, I write well structured and optimized code which is the building block of a great product.

Frontend Technologies
SQL Databases
NoSQL Databases
Language (English)
I build in my free time
2019 - Present
Co-founder & CTO

Building India's most comprehensive tech platform to take care of our parents. www.evrcare.co

Antler [Singapore]

Started the entrepreneurship journey with Antler.

2017 - 2019
Samsung R&D
Lead Engineer

Making Bixby smarter day by day. Bixby is the next level personal assistant just like Siri but for Samsung phones. I'm part of the Bixby team and currently integrating Bixby with various home appliances like TV, AC, washing machine, fridge. Users can control and operate these devices by voice only.

2016 - 2017
Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab
Back-end Developer

Member of the IoT Cloud team who built the back-end to supports millions of devices which connect to cloud for Home Automation. These include security devices, comfort devices, and awareness devices.

2015 - 2016
Leadsquared (Startup)
Full-stack Developer

Proud member of a small but vibrant team of 25+ developers who've built the complete CRM & Marketing Automation web-app from scratch. As a full-stack developer, I was responsible for many phases of the software development lifecycle including but not limited to technical research, presenting ideas, implementing new features, participating in code reviews, deployment, and maintaining the product once it’s up and running.

Air India Airline Company
College Intern

Worked closely with the IT department, understood their process and as per their need, I built an internal database tool for storing passengers details. This tool helped them by reducing the possibility of false report generation, detecting frauds and saving overall time.

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